Not Sure What to Get Mom for Mother’s Day? 10 Great Gift Ideas for Seniors

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Are you wondering what to get your mom on her special day – and not sure how to get something she will still enjoy and appreciate? Check out these suggestions:

1) Kindle – Especially if there are teen grandchildren around, this can be a great way to get them engaged with grandma. They can help her set it up, find books and music, send texts, or interact on social media. Plus Kindle books allow mom to scale text and use Audible for audiobooks. A thoughtful add-on – comfortable over-the-ear headphones, as earbuds are often not comfortable for seniors.

2) Does mom still love to cook – but finding measuring and using certain utensils challenging? Look for color-coded or large print measuring cups and spoons. Grip assist universal cuffs can be added to any utensil to make them easier to handle. Silicone-bottom mixing bowls keep them in place. Another great addition to your senior mom’s kitchen is an easy-to-use can opener – search Amazon for “can openers for seniors with arthritis” and find one that looks like a good match for mom’s needs.

3) Time for a new hobby? Or a new spin on an old one? This article from UKS Mobility Service (a UK National Health supplier) covers hobby adaptations for people with arthritis.

4) The photo frame that emails – no kidding! Look for a wi-fi cloud digital photo frame that connects to the internet and uses popular iPhone and Android apps. You can simply email new family photos right to mom’s picture frame!

5) Exercise is important for seniors! Look for a health club in or near Columbus with a warm, zero-entry pool, or one that specializes in classes for seniors. Or maybe Mom rather exercises at home. What about videos? Paired with some comfy exercise clothes? Maybe try something new – Tai Chi is a beautiful, slow-moving, meditative, healthy exercise that works very well for many seniors. Click here to learn more about Tai Chi for people with arthritis.

5) Yes, Uber sells gift cards. Maybe mom would love to go to an evening concert but doesn’t want to drive at night – concert tickets and an Uber gift card could be a great combo!

6) Music is always an amazing gift. Victrola sells a wood turntable entertainment center with a nostalgic look that allows mom to play her old LPs – but also connects to Bluetooth for streaming audio. There are also plenty of retro-look radios that include both tuning and Bluetooth capabilities.

7) Put the old home videos on DVD, there are many places where you can mail them in for conversion, or you can take them to a photo processor (they will even do this at Walmart or Costco). There are also many computer programs that allow you to create a slide show with the old family photos.

8) Did mom love to garden but can’t get down on the ground anymore? There are many types of elevated gardening tables that can be used indoors or out, to bring the special pleasure of gardening back into her life. If space is an issue, check out AeroGarden for a variety of dirt-free growing options.

9) Subscriptions are the gifts that keep on giving – magazines, plants, flowers, fruit, chocolates, cookies, gift baskets – there are SO many options, you are sure to find something mom will love! And if monthly is too often for things like plants or chocolates, there are bi-monthly or quarterly options available as well.

10) Soft, comfortable clothes, fluffy socks, warm shawls or sweaters – even though we are moving toward summer, many seniors are cold or often find themselves in over-air-conditioned places like doctor’s offices and appreciate a lightweight but warm throw.

Send mom some love this Mother’s Day! And if you are starting to think Mom might need a bit more help around the house, or maybe she is not getting out as much and needs more social interaction – give us a call at Assisting Hands of Columbus. Our excellent nurses will create a specialized care plan that our highly trained home care professionals will use to keep Mom safe and secure wherever she calls home.