Holiday Memories to Share

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No matter what, how or who you celebrate the season with, we all cherish memories of special times with loved ones. We asked the Assisting Hands Home Care serving Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Columbus team to share their favorite memories of holidays past. Here are a few of their stories to share with you:

Greg Kling, Owner, shared this special memory of Christmas with his dad: Dad always told me stories about the fabulous train display his father had under the Christmas Tree each year. Dad continued that tradition and I was always so excited to help him build the display every holiday. We’ve passed this tradition down to a fourth generation, and our kids (not really kids anymore!) always look forward to see how it changes each year.

Kim Kling, Owner, remembered her last family Thanksgiving with her mom – who was a big part of the inspiration for Kim and Greg when they decided to open Assisting Hands Home Care: As I reflect on everything we’ve all been through over the last year and a half, I am so grateful for the compassion, resilience, and grace of our caregivers, nurses, care managers, and support staff. I came across this picture of our last Thanksgiving with my mom, Aggie, and I remembered what a gift this special day was. It was the last meal we had with her, and it was made possible because of caregivers just like the ones who now work for Assisting Hands. I regret that I never got to say “Thank you” to those compassionate healthcare workers who cared for my mom, but I’m so glad I get to connect so many clients and families with the help they need, each and every day.

Sarah Kling, Recruiter, and Greg & Kim’s oldest daughter (pictured above with her younger sister and grandmother), noted: Decorating for Christmas is really how I ring in the holidays. After Thanksgiving, we all come together, blast some Christmas music, and decorate the tree! I helped set up the Christmas train at my parents’ house this year, and it’s always fun to sit at the foot of the tree and look at all the detail in the villages as the train goes by. It’s part of what makes the season so special.

Kate Race, Regional Director, shared this family remembrance: My grandparents had 12 kids so every year all of my aunts and uncles would drink out of special (and, to me and my cousins, very fancy!) “12 days of Christmas” glasses. The first born was a partridge in a pear tree… last born was 12 drummers drumming… and all numbers in between! My mother was 9 Ladies Dancing. Before we opened gifts, my mother and all her sisters and brothers lined up and entertained us all with the song, each sibling singing the appropriate part! When we were kids, we thought it was the coolest thing, and we were all jealous of those fancy glasses, since the rest of us drank out of solo cups!

Linda Shaw, Community Liaison, Cincinnati, offered a special holiday memory: Our family celebrated Hanukkah, so my first experience with a Christmas tree was when we moved when I was about 3 years old. Our next-door neighbors, Lucy and Sal, headed a wonderful Italian immigrant family. They had a huge tree upstairs, but in the basement, where they had family celebrations, was a small, beautiful, white sparkly tree. I thought it was the prettiest tree I’d ever seen. Lucy always had a small box for me under that family tree. One year she gifted me a doll-sized tea set which I still display on my kitchen window sill. I love looking at it and remembering their warmth and love, especially during this time of year.

We hope these stories bring back memories of your own cherished times with family and friends. Share a special holiday story of your own today with someone you love!