15 Medical Management Tips for Living with Parkinson’s

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If you are living with PD, you know the importance of having an experienced neurologist and medical team you trust. You also know how important it is to be pro-active in your own health care, which can sometimes be complicated. Here are 15 tips from the University of Cincinnati Parkinson Support & Wellness on simplifying medication management and getting the most from your health care:

  1. Keep your first morning medicine dose by your bed with some water.
  2. Count out medications for the whole day so you know if you miss a dose.
  3. Set an alarm on your cell phone for medications – timing of dosages is important with PD.
  4. Ask your doctor questions about prescribed medications so you fully understand what each does and what potential side effects and interactions with other medications might be.
  5. Exercise when your meds are “on” – at least on enough to allow you to exercise well.
  6. Be sure your care partner(s) know your medication regimen.
  7. Keep drugs in a safe, convenient, consistent place, but not in the bathroom.
  8. Write refill dates on your calendar.
  9. Keep a journal of what you find difficult. Share with your care partner and your doctor, who may have ideas that will help.
  10. Bring a travel-size plastic bottle with water to swallow medications during meetings or concerts.
  11. Check if refills are needed at least a week prior to traveling.
  12. Have your doctor write a letter for you to carry at all times detailing PD symptoms you might exhibit.
  13. If you would benefit by having a handicapped parking pass, talk with your doctor about completing an application.
  14. Place the names of your doctors, insurance company, emergency contact and medication regimen in your wallet or purse.
  15. Traveling by plane? Contact the TSA before your departure to notify the staff when you will be coming for a disabilities security check. If you have had DBS, tell the guard you have a medical implant.

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