How a Revolutionary Dementia App Boosts Memory

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In 2013, Jenny Rozbruch was a graduate student at the New York School of Visual Arts. Having a grandmother whose memory was slipping away due to vascular dementia influenced Rozbruch to create an iPad app she later called GreyMatters. Using the no-cost technology, seniors stimulate their memory by choosing one of four categories that revolve around “My Life,” “My World,” “My Music,” and “My Games.” Using this revolutionary app enables seniors with dementia to communicate with and relate to family members and caregivers. 

Relies on Music Appreciation

Rozbruch was convinced that her grandmother’s memories still existed and they were simply hidden or misplaced somewhere within her grandmother’s mind. Her grandmother could no longer find the words to communicate with loved ones, but she knew every word of every line of her favorite songs. 

Because music is a powerful tool that stimulates memory, GreyMatters includes a function that enables loved ones to upload music that’s relevant to the senior’s past. Researchers from Virginia’s George Mason University suggest encouraging aging adults to sing along with favorite or popular tunes can also boost cognitive function.

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Provides Conversation Starters

The app comes equipped with history and pop culture topics spanning from the 1930s through the 1950s. The content not only stimulates memory but also provides a starting point for conversing with loved ones. The feature provides a visual image along with a text explanation for seniors to associate with the picture. Seniors can then tap an icon to acknowledge they remember the entry or to request further information concerning the topic. 

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Triggers Memory with Photos

Family members also have the option of uploading family pictures accompanied by text and audio descriptions. This way, they can enter random or chronological photographs depicting family, friends, events, and traditions that are significant to seniors. The users can then indicate they remember these photos or need more reminders to prompt them. The photos’ functions also enable family caregivers to keep their elderly family members informed of current events.

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