A Different Approach to Dementia Care

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A dementia diagnosis can be devastating news for the person living with the disease and their spouse and loved ones. All too quickly, the person everyone knew and loved seems to fade into the background. Personality changes are not uncommon, as the person living with dementia, especially in the early stages, has moments or even days of keen awareness of the effects of the disease.

Often those with dementia are ignored, devalued and dismissed – but when individuals are seen as precious, unique and capable, they have surprising moments of clarity. These are rare gifts for both the person living with dementia and their family. It’s pure delight to be involved in moments like these:

  • Helping a woman with dementia cook her husband’s favorite meal for the first time in two years
  • Consulting with a family on communicating with their father
  • Watching a woman come to life when she hears her favorite music
  • Creating strategies for a family who wants to help mom stay at home
  • Walking outdoors in beautiful, familiar surroundings that bring back memories

What is a Positive Approach to Care?

Assisting Hands of Columbus is investing more than a thousand hours of training in Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach® to Care program. Ms. Snow’s methodology is based in a person-centered approach to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. By understanding each different stage, a care plan is developed around the person, not the disease.

When the news of a dementia diagnosis is received, families are faced with additional stresses and difficult decisions about how to care for their loved ones. Assisting Hands is there to help relieve those stresses. We provide in-home dementia care to keep your loved one in a secure environment while receiving daily assistance, socialization and stimulation.

Assisting Hands of Columbus dementia-care trained home care professionals are carefully matched with your loved one. Social interaction is an important focus to keep your loved one’s mind as sharp as possible, along with memory stimulating exercises, such as working on puzzles, taking nature walks and interacting positively in typical daily routines.

If you are dedicated to keeping your loved one engaged and safe in their own home, but are finding the practical challenges overwhelming, we are here to help. Let us provide the peace of mind your need and a greater sense of happiness for your loved one.