What’s Different About Caregiving at Assisting Hands serving Columbus, OH?

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Caregiving can feel like a “solo” job. Often a caregiver is spending time in the home of a client and may be the only person their client sees that day. This can be a tough job, so we want to be sure our caregivers are fully supported and understand that they are NOT alone out there:

  • A Care Coordinator is available 24/7 to offer advice by phone or even physical help if necessary.
  • While we don’t provide medical care, we employ nurses – even though we are not required to do so. That means if a caregiver is concerned about a healing wound, for example, they can ask for an Assisting Hands nurse to check in, and the nurse can then advocate for the client if necessary.
  • We have a Caregivers’ Council that meets regularly to offer feedback on other ways we might support them and their colleagues in the field.
  • Assisting Hands serving Columbus, OH training includes hands-on learning experience and dementia training, which raises the bar from caregiving to building up home care professionals.

Assisting Hands serving Columbus, OH believes that everyone in the company is a caregiver, and that caregiving is not just about meeting basic needs – it’s about adding life to the years of our clients and making sure they have a better day than they would have had otherwise. As one of our caregivers says, “It’s about not just the icing, but the sprinkles – that’s what makes the difference.”