The Team Approach of Our COVID-19 Precautions

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Even as more people are becoming vaccinated, we know there are still precautions that need to be taken. Our clients and caregivers have that extra peace of mind knowing we have implemented a comprehensive program that provides extremely vital and responsive help during this ever-changing and delicate time in senior care. Because we have always taken a team approach to care, our nurses and care managers continue to be vigilant and are key supporters for our caregivers. Specifically, we offer:

Professional Caregiver Training:  We have reviewed (and continue to review) proper infection control procedures with all caregivers. CDC guidelines are being implemented, including: washing of hands, wearing gloves, keeping hands away from face, staying “socially distanced” when with a client (except when providing personal care) and wearing a mask. 

Family Crisis Support:  As you navigate the difficult decision making process of what is best for your loved one, our experienced Community Liaison Professionals collaborate with you to assess your family’s needs. We respond promptly and provide counsel regarding care options. 

Home Cleanliness Protocol:  Ongoing emphasis and instruction given to our caregivers and families on the importance of wiping down surfaces with disinfectant on a routine basis. 

Securing & Distribution of PPE:  We have secured significant supplies of surgical, N95 and KN95 masks, surgical gowns, gloves and face shields. We are working diligently to distribute PPE weekly to our caregivers and families and have also been donating home-made masks to senior living communities. 

Daily Caregiver Survey:  An automated electronic questionnaire has been put into place for all caregivers. Th is survey is filled out 24 hours before the caregiver’s scheduled shift, allowing us to check-in on their health status and recent travel history.   

Assisting Hands Covid-19 Internal Task Force:  We have put into place an expert group of home health professionals that meet frequently to manage and adapt our response as the home care needs of our clients change due to Covid-19. Task Force members include:   

  • Care Management 
  • Nurse Triage 
  • Staff Scheduling 
  • Communications 
  • Senior Leadership 

Caregiver Health Monitoring:  Caregivers who change their schedule due to any health-related issue or call off s are followed up with right away, screened and monitored by our Nurse Manager, who has over 30 years of experience, including infectious disease management. Our Nurse Manager determines work eligibility and/or readiness to return to work. 

24/7 Nurse/Care Management:  Regularly scheduled communication by our nurse and care management staff provide clients and caregivers peace of mind, as we are consistently checking in on the care and health status of those entrusted to us. 

Caregiver Payroll Protection:  We strive to provide emotional and financial comfort for caregivers navigating this unique Covid-19 landscape. If a determination is made that a caregiver be removed from the schedule because of a possible Covid-19 contact or infection, we ensure the caregiver is compensated appropriately. 

Caregiver Hero Pay:  Caregivers receive additional compensation during this time. 

Comprehensive Care Protocols:  Assisting Hands is following comprehensive care protocols developed by national health care leaders, including the Home Care Association of America. 

Caregiver Thermometers Coordinated as needed. 

Office Environment:  Proper safety protocols, social distancing and remote work assignments are actively in place. 

If you are in need of help caring for your loved one at home or are thinking about transitioning from a community or hospice back into a home situation, give Assisting Hands serving Columbus, OH a call today