Identifying the Common Warning Signs of Strokes

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Many signs of a stroke are easily mistaken for normal effects of aging. However, strokes can be deadly, which means certain symptoms need to be addressed right away. If your senior loved one suddenly experiences any of the following issues, make sure he or she receives medical attention immediately.


A sudden numbness in the arms, legs, or face shouldn’t be dismissed because this could be a sign of a stroke. Take your loved one to a physician immediately for any unexpected weakness he or she experiences, especially if the weakness occurs on one side of the body. If your loved one is unable to lift his or her arm, or if one side of his or her face begins to droop, these may be signs of a stroke.

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Problems with Vision

While aging may cause eye conditions that have been known to lead to vision loss, this could also mean a stroke is occurring. Any sudden blurred vision your loved one experiences shouldn’t be taken lightly. Narrowing of vision is also a sign of a stroke. When your loved one’s visual field narrows and he or she can only see what is in front of him or her, it’s time to visit the doctor for immediate treatment. 

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Difficulty Communicating 

Unexpectedly slurring words shouldn’t be blamed on aging because it could be due to a stroke. When your loved one has difficulty understanding what you’re saying, this communication issue could also be a warning sign. If your loved one cannot form words correctly during your conversations, contact the doctor as soon as possible. 

Issues with Balance 

Stumbling or the sudden loss of motor skills could be a sign your loved one is having a stroke. It’s imperative you take your loved one to see a physician immediately if he or she is experiencing a sudden loss of balance or any unexpected change in normal physical abilities. 

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