Is it time for Home Care?

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Is it time for Home CareManaging care for a parent or family member can be like bringing water to a slow boil – you may not notice how difficult it’s getting until you’re overwhelmed. If you’ve realized care has become more than you and your family can handle, it’s time to consider getting help.

First, rest assured this doesn’t mean you have to move your parent or loved one into an assisted living home. When you engage the help of a home care agency, your loved one maintains the independence they crave, avoids a traumatic move, and is supported by competent, caring assistance with everyday tasks.

Here are some of the ways a caregiver agency like Assisting Hands, serving the Columbus area, can help:

Companionship: Does your loved one seem lonely or bored? Are they feeling reluctant to go out on their own? A caregiver can offer companionship, company on walks, trips to the grocery store and post office – and can also help with care for your loved one’s furry companion, too.

Medical support services: A caregiver can transport and offer support at doctor’s appointments, help with medication reminders, and provide help with incontinence care. We also have caregivers who are highly specialized in dementia and Alzheimer’s care.

Nutritional support: If your loved one is living alone, they often won’t take the time to cook for themselves, especially if they don’t enjoy eating alone. A caregiver can offer help in the kitchen or prepare complete nutritious meals and share mealtime with your loved one.

Personal care: This can be one of the areas families find most overwhelming and difficult. Take the pressure off and bring in a caregiver to support safe bathing, consistent oral hygiene care, help with dressing, and other personal care assistance.

Seeking personalized help at home with the assistance of a home care agency is often the absolute best choice for many families, but be sure you engage safe, competent help. Assisting Hands is a caregiver-based home care agency which screens, hires and trains its employees. We believe that with the right training comes the right care, and this is why we recommend hiring an agency to find the right caregiver.

Assisting Hands’ professionals will prepare and carry out a custom plan of care based on your family member’s needs. We also offer 24-hour emergency medical response times when our caregivers are not present in the home. The medical alert system we use is PERS – the Personal Emergency Response System, one of the most reputable medical alert systems in use today.
If you think it might be time to get your loved one help, don’t think twice about contacting Assisting Hands. We serve the Columbus, Cleveland, and surrounding areas. Get the peace of mind you need, and let’s build the care plan that is right for your family.