Exercises that Can Be Beneficial for Aging Adults with Parkinson’s

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If you’re the caregiver for an aging loved one with Parkinson’s disease, you already know it causes tremors, rigid movement, and balance issues. What you may not know is how beneficial exercise can be. In some cases, exercise can help the brain maintain old connections and restore lost ones, making movement less rigid and more fluid. The more seniors with Parkinson’s move their muscles, the more control they can develop over their symptoms. Here are a few beneficial exercises for seniors who have Parkinson’s. 


Swimming and other forms of water exercise are strongly recommended for people who have Parkinson’s. Different strokes, such as breaststroke, freestyle, and backstroke, challenge alternating motor skills. Because the arms, legs, head, and eyes are doing different things at different times, muscle coordination is promoted, and the gentle yet effective resistance water provides can decrease muscle stiffness. 

Many seniors in the early stages of Parkinson’s are able to live on their own, but they may need a bit of help with the everyday tasks of life, such as exercising and preparing nutritious meals. Aging adults who require assistance with the tasks of daily living can benefit from reliable elder care. Families trust Assisting Hands Home Care to provide the high-quality care their aging loved ones need and deserve. Our caregivers are trained to help seniors prevent serious illnesses and encourage them to make healthier decisions as they age.


This daily activity is a simple yet effective exercise for people with Parkinson’s. Walking, whether fast or slow, requires balance and rhythm. Walking encourages paying attention to details and surroundings, which can help with focus and motor skills. If your loved one has unsteady balance, make sure he or she has a cane or walking stick. Also, because freezing spells can happen at any time, make sure you, another family member, or your loved one’s caregiver accompanies your loved one on walks. 

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Classes or DVDs like Zumba Gold, which is designed for seniors, include cardiovascular activity that promotes good posture, rhythmic movements, and fluidity. These skills, as well as good biomechanics, can aid in decreasing stiffness and increasing mobility and gait. 


At any age and in almost any physical state, yoga is a great slow-paced exercise that builds breath control, abdominal and back strength, and balance. Practicing controlled fluid movements like those in yoga can effectively soften muscle rigidity and steady tremors. Though fluid movement and other actions can be difficult for seniors with Parkinson’s, exercising can aid the brain in making and retaining connections that Parkinson’s may have disabled. 

Mobility issues in the advanced stages of Parkinson’s disease can make caring for aging adults increasingly challenging. If you’re the primary family caregiver for a senior loved one living in Columbus, at-home care is available around the clock if your loved one’s health has become too difficult to manage without professional expertise. At Assisting Hands Home Care, we take measures to help seniors prevent illness and injury by assisting with exercise and mobility, preparing nutritious meals, helping with bathing and other personal hygiene tasks, and much more. Call one of our friendly Care Managers at 614-678-5887 to schedule a free consultation.